Introduction: Playing Card Set Pendrive

In this tutorial I'll show how you can make pendrive using card set.

I want to apologize if I've made some language mistake.

First you'll need:
-Card Set with some good looking Ace of Spades or Joker (or some other card you like;)
-Pendrive or Mp3 player "guts" (I choose this second option)
-Very sharp knife
-A lot of glue
-Pencil or pen
-Toilet paper
-The last thing I've used were small metal plates which secure cards from holder.

Step 1: Preparing

First you need to separate card into three groups:
-front with your favourite card
-middle where you'll cut hole for our memory unit
-and back group
Front and back groups should have the same thickness.

Then you should draw the shape of our memory unit on one card.

Step 2: Cutting

Now you are ready to start cutting the hole.
Be very carefull because it's very easy to cut to much.

After you've deal with first card you can use it as a template.
I've used holder to keep two cards together.

Step 3: Using Glue

After cutting enough cards you can start assembling cards together.
The lowest card should be a whole card because it'll help you to assemble memory in right place.
When you glue every card you can use holder to impress excess glue.
Toilet paper will work as a sponge.

Step 4: Closing Memory Inside Deck

After you glue every card put memory inside hole and you can assembly the rest of cards.

Wash your hands before you glue the last two cards!

Step 5: Ending

After you glue all deck use sandpaper to remove glue stains.
Also you can change the name of your new pendrive.

The last thing I want to tell you is, that this looks easier than it was in reality. Remember that!

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