Introduction: Playing Flappy Bird Game With M5stack Esp32 Based M5stick C Development Board

Hi guys today we will learn how to upload the flappy bird game code to m5stick c development board provided by m5stack.

For this small project you will need following two things :

m5stick-c development board :

type-c usb cable

Step 1: About M5stick-c

First thing make sure you have m5stick-c with you.
So basically m5stick-C is ESP32 Pico based development board which comes with a small 80x160 0.96 inch color lcd display & it has three push buttons one for power and other two are usable.
It has a ir transmitter & 6 axis imu in it & it has a 8 pin extension on the top in which 3 are GPIOs.

Step 2: Getting Everything Ready

So for this we will use arduino ide and for that you need to install esp32 boards in arduino ide to use m5stick-c with it.
I am not gonna tell the whole procedure to install esp32 boards in it so please find the link below and install esp32 boarda in your arduino ide to so that we can program m5stick-C.

Esp32 boards install :

And after installing the boards you can see all the esp32 boards in your arduino ide.

Step 3: Select the Board and Open the Example

Then after installing boards go to boards and select m5stick-c board and after selecting the board, go to examples > m5stick C > games > flappy Bird
And then open the sketch

Step 4: Upload the Code

After opening the sketch connect your m5stick to pc and select the com port and hit upload and upload code to it.

Step 5: Play Flappy Bird

After uploading the code you can see similar screen as mine and you can use the button on m5stick to play the flappy bird on it. So hace fun playing Flappy bird on m5stick c, and very sorry about bad image quality because the screen is so bright and it is very hard to capture the images. Anyways but still you can see the working of this board in images and follow me and i'll be posting more about this m5stick-c board.