Playing Root Beer Pong




Introduction: Playing Root Beer Pong


You are at a party with your friends and you do not know how to play the game at a party. You want to have fun with your friends and not make a complete fool of yourself and possibly impress the attractive girls across the room (Funny Right).

Step 1: Materials

4 ping pong balls

22 Cups (20 for the game (10 for each team and 2 for wash cups))

12 pack of Root beer

8 ft Table

Step 2: Set Up

1. Place Cups like bowling pins on both ends of the table (Back row 4, 3rd row 3, 2nd row 2, and 1 and the front)

2. Fill cups ¼ full of Root beer to obtain stability of the cups so the cups will not fall over if a ping pong ball hits the cup too hard (2 cans of Root beer for each team)

3. Fill wash cups with warm water and place the wash cups to the side of the table for both teams

4. You are now set up to play

Step 3:

Do not stress about making mistakes, you will get better with practice

This is just a game, you will just drink some root beer even if you lose

Step 4: Rules of the Game

1. Elbow doesn’t cross the Table

2. If both team mates make cups team shoots again

3. Make 2 cups in a row you’re heating up and 3 cups in a row you’re on fire and when fire is accomplished shoot until you miss

4. Island (cup by itself) if called and made is 2 cups

5. If same cup is made by both team members it’s 3 cups and balls back

6. 2 re-racks per team

7. If ball is bounced into a cup pull 2 cups, can be slapped out of air after first bounce and before entering a cup

8. If center cup and 3 corner cups are made then ring of fire is obtained and that team wins by default

9. Caught air balls equals a cup pulled by the team that overshot the table

10. If player does not make a cup the entire game and your team loses you have trolled the game and must sit under the table for the duration of the next game

Step 5: Game Starts...

Approach table

Distance your body away from table arm length away.

Step 6: AIM!

Pick up ping pong ball

Judging your shot to estimate the distance

Aim for the center mass of cups on the opposite end of the table

Take a deep breath and shoot the ball

Step 7: SHOOT!

If a ping pong ball is made in a cup the other team drinks that cup that was made

If both of you make a cup shoot again

Prepare to catch balls from other team that miss the table

If other team makes a cup pull that cup and drink the root beer

Step 8:

Repeat steps 4-10 until all the cups on 1 team has no more cups

Step 9: Popular Re-racks

10 cups

Full Rack

6 cups

Big Triangle

4 cups


3 cups


Small Triangle

1 cup

Last Cup

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    6 years ago

    I once discovered that root beer is a laxative. You have been warned