Introduction: Playing With Friends

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So You May Have Heard Of The (Surprisingly Addictive) Game: So If You Have, You Will Know That You Can Not Play With Your Friends. This Needs To Change. Follow This Tutorials For The Best Method!

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Step 1: Playing With Friends

So You Can Either Watch The Video Or Follow The Instructions: The Choice Is Yours!!

Step 2: Download Tampermonkey

So, You Probably Don't Have Tampermonkey, So, You Will Now Go To GOOGLE CHROME (Important) And Then Download From The Extension Store :(

Step 3: Copy the Script

So Now You Have The Extension, We Need A Script! Go To This Link And Copy The Script:

Step 4: Add the Script

So Now, Go To Your Extension. Click On It And Then Click 'Add Script', Select That And Then Copy And Paste Your Script. Remember To Save!!!

Step 5: Go to

Ok, So Now Go To Your script will run and you will now have an ip address box. Ignore that and play a normal game. From Here Locate Your IP (AT THE TOP). Remember That And/Or Give It To Your Friend. They Will Type This Into The Box And.... Taddaaaahhhh!

Your Will Be Playing On The Same Game!

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