Introduction: Playing Wave File Using Arduino

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This is a simple circuit to play wav files using arduino Nano V3.0 ,it consist from 4 buttons ,each one play specific wav file loaded to SD card.

Step 1: Parts

1- Arduino Nano V3.0 (I used the chines version called Funduino Nano).
2- SD card Module.
3- SD card.
4- Bread Board.
5- four push Button .
6- four 22K resistors.
7- one 4.7K resistor.
8- BC546B NPN transistor.
9- Speaker.
10- wires.

Step 2: Prepare Your SD Card

1- Format SD card and make sure the setting as attached picture.
2- Convert your music to .WAV files and make sure the below:
-Samples Per second(Hz):16000
-Channel :Mono
- Bits Per Sample: 8
I use Wav Sample rate converter software (picture attached).
3- Wave files samples attached.

Step 3: Circuit Digram

Step 4: Source Code

1-Before writing the code you need to install TMRpcm library from below link:
all information how to install and use the library included in the website .

2- Download the attached file and open it with arduino sketch ,I tried to copy and paste the Source Code from arduino sketch to instructable but for some reason the text convert to rubbish.

Step 5: Troubleshooting Update 29/5/2016

For people whom unable to make this circuit work ,I created the attached folder "for test" for troubleshooting purpose .

The folder includes tested code for Arduino Nano ,UNO and MEGA.

No need to connect the push buttons,the sounds will play automatically.

No need to connect the transistor ,Connect a small speaker or headphone directly to pin 9 for arduino nano or pin 11 for Mega .

Copy the .wav files directly to SD card ,Do not put them inside folder.

Pin Connection:

Arduino Nano ---------> SD Card

12 -------------------> MISO

11 -------------------->MOSI

13 -------------------->SCK

4 ---------------------->CS

9 ---------------------->Speaker

GND ------------------>GND

5V ------------------> VCC

Arduino MEGA ---------> SD Card
50-------------------> MISO


52 -------------------->SCK



GND ------------------>GND

5V ------------------> VCC

if the tested code worked fine do the following for the push buttons code file to make it work:

1-If you faced problem in compiling the original push buttons code file ,please add line #include<SPI.h>

in the 3rd line of the code.

still have no sound add a delay command between the play commands delay(1000);

Good luck


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