Introduction: Playing With Time

The initial idea of this project was:

  • make a present
  • create an original electronic circuit
  • use an old phone dial
  • give a "steampunk" appearance

Step 1: Physical Presentation

  • an ON-OFF switch
  • a push button "Time"
  • a vacuum tube iluminated in red or green from below
  • a phone dial
  • a wooden box (inside a small speaker, a processor and batteries)

Step 2: Course of the Game:

  1. Power on: Set the switch to "ON"
  2. The red LED lights up briefly.
  3. Wait ... a little music is played.
  4. The red LED is on.
  5. Press the "Time" button for a while (ie N seconds). Meanwhile, the green LED is on.
  6. Dial the number corresponding to the number N of seconds (between 3.0 and 3.9 seconds, N = 3).
  7. If the compound number is correct, a green light and nice music say "Bravo".
  8. If the compound number is wrong, a red light and some other music will say "Too bad".
  9. Wait for the red light and play again (go to 5.)

Step 3: Materials List:

  • 1 Digispark processor
  • 5 Resistors: 220, 2x 2k2, 4k7, 47 ohms
  • 1 on-off switch
  • 1 push button
  • 1 speaker 8 ohms 0.25W
  • 1 old phone dial
  • 1 RGB Led
  • 1 transistor 2n2222
  • Optional 1 vacuum tube
  • 2 batteries 1,5v AA

Step 4: Schema :

For simplicity, we chose a power supply of the circuit by 3v (2 batteries of 1,5v).

The blue led is not in use.

Step 5: The Code of the Sketch

Step 6: Production

I made a wooden box, with hinges and lock. Provide enough space for components and batteries. The top decoration is printed on paper, glued, and all was stained.
I took a Digispark. This is my first project with this component and I discovered its possibilities. You can adapt the project with an Arduino Uno or Nano, or more simply with an Atmega328.

I was inspired by the following instructable and I thank its author:

You will see that the game is easy if you press the button 1 or 2 seconds, but more difficult if you press 8 or 9 seconds.

Have fun,

diato from Alsace