Introduction: Playmobil 3V LED Tester

Attaching the leads of an LED to a battery clip is hardly amusing. This is my best attempt at livening it up a bit.

When you are done, all you will have to do to test an LED is place it in the hooks that you make with the wire.

Step 1: Materials

The materials are relatively easy to find:
  • Playmobil toy or any other plastic toy with arms.
  • AA Battery Clip
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Battery Clip
  • Wire splitters
  • LEDs

Step 2: Place Batteries in Battery Clip

Place the two AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable) into the battery clip and test it with a multimeter. Make sure there is a solid 3.0V. This will give us the best results when testing the LED.

Step 3: Expose Metal Wire on Battery Clip

Take your battery clip and wire splice it a little less than a quarter the way down the lead. I also added a piece of hookup wire to the end of each lead to make the wire stronger at the ends for when we form the metal strands.

Step 4: Attach Toy to Battery Holder

Attach the plastic toy to the AA battery holder, with its feet on the plastic part of the holder. That way, we can remove the batteries when they die, and replace them. Or take them out and recharge them. I used hot glue to glue the feet down to the plastic part of the battery holder.

Step 5: Pretzel Knot

Just below the plastic part of the battery clip leads, make a pretzel knot for each of the red and black leads. Place this pretzel know around wrists or in the hands of the plastic toy. Make sure that only the plastic portion is in the knot, and also make sure there is a decent amount of plastic lead leftover on both sides of the knot.

Step 6: Twisting the Metal Lead

Now with each of the pieces of the metal parts of the battery clip leads, try to make a circular shape all while keeping a decent sized space in the middle. To make it stronger, you can wrap it around itself a couple of times. The pictures should help you out.

Step 7: Test It Out!

Find your LED, and stick it in the two holes of the battery clip leads. The shorter lead of the LED is the negative lead. The negative lead of the LED gets placed in the black lead of the battery clip.

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