Playstation 3 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amp




Introduction: Playstation 3 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amp

This Build was inspired from Rock Smith 2014

Step 1: Universal Preamp 6V6 Stereo Power Amp Combo Playstation Vacuum Tube Amp

What inspired this build was Rocksmith 2014 for the PlayStation 3 as it recommends using home stereo audio system connected to the Playstation 3 rather than just using your Flat Screen TV's Audio system that would create Lag , and i also had a dead Playstation 3 that i picked up for Free, the chosen Preamp Circuitry allows tube swapping for more or less gain that Utillizes any 12A type Tube such as 12au7, 12aT7, 12ax7 and The Power Amp Section is Class A Single Ended 6V6 GT Power Tubes for about 5 watts per channel. The High Voltage AC is Converted to HighVoltage DC with a 5U4G Rectifier Tube.

Circuits Can be Found on the Net, i Chose The Circuits for the 4s Universal PreAmp and The Power Amp Circuit From the 6V6 Lacewood Amp Design.

See Links For Schematics and construction details Minus its Preamp Section

Layout of components is important so as not to create unwanted Audible Hum

Output Transformers need to be perpendicular to the Power Transformer and shielded wire is needed for the audio path

all wires should not be any longer than they need to be Tube Heater Wires should be Twisted and more details are on the above two websites it was a fun build that took many hours as it is all point to point wiring.

parts and Tubes where salvaged for free andTube Sockets Caps and Resisters where purchased new.

the old PlayStation 3 used for chassis was ideal as it is made of ABS Plastic made to take high Temperatures.

The Test Video of it working is with an old Radio Shack am fm Tuner and old 4x10 car speakers i had

Best of All Its One of a Kind

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    3 years ago

    Anyway to use tubes!

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    Cool. The vacuum tubes make it look really cool. I love that old vintage look.