Introduction: Playstation 3 Lock

This a simple bolt together lock to act as a theft deterant for your PS3 (fat model). I decided to undertake this project after my house was broken into and all that was stolen was my PlayStation. This lock will prevent grab and run theft.

Step 1: Materials

I used:
-3/4" x 1/8" aluminum flatbar
-1" x 1/16" aluminum angle
-machine screws, washers, and nylock nuts
-1/2" weather stripping
-steel wool

The aluminum flatbar and angle can be found at hardware stores, I got mine at home depot.

Overall materials cost somewhere around $20.

Step 2:

The angle sections are 6" long

The flatbar sections are about  20.25" long, They are bent so that the center length is about 13.25" long and the legs are 3.5" long.

I bent them by hand, the aluminum is pretty soft. I used a scrap piece of 4X4 and a hammer to help get a consistent bend. 

You can then drill holes to match your hardware in the angle and in the flatbar.

I used my ps3 during these steps to ensure the parts would fit properly.

Step 3:

Then you can add the weather stripping to the inside of the flatar to protect the PS3 from scratching.

Step 4:

At this point you can use the steel wool to clean up the aluminum and make it all nice and shiny.
This is also a good time to see if all parts will fit together and holes line up before mounting the system.

Step 5:

I decided to mount my system on the side of my TV stand. This location gave it good ventilation and access to front and rear ports.

At this stage I already drilled the holes for the lower angle and marked/drilled the holes for the top angle. Bolt the top angle through the cabinet (or whatever you are mounting it to). You can keep the lower angle bolted to the flatbar sections during installation.
To make the lock even stronger a flatbar section, backing plate can be used on the back side of the cabinet so that the nuts cannot be ripped out through the "wood" (I skipped this step).

Step 6:

Now just lift the ps3 with the bottom ange and flatbar sections as one unit into place, while holding it bolt the bottom angle into place. Line up the holes in the top angle with the flatbar sections and bolt together. Bolting is difficult at this stage but that is the point as this is a theft deterant system.

Step 7:

Now you are all done and can rest assured that your ps3 wont be going anywhere. If you are the type of person who needs to be mobile with your PS3 then you can alter the the design to use a hinge at the bottom and a flatbar section at the top that passes through the cabinet that can be locked using a pad lock.