Playstation 4 Tower

Introduction: Playstation 4 Tower

There are millions of people who play video games every day across the world. With every video game console, there are numerous accessories to go along with the game-play experience. At my house I have a Playstation 4 with two controllers and several games. These items including the Playstation 4 take up a lot of space. This gaming tower is designed to organize the Playstation 4, controllers, and games into one convenient place. The tower is also hand painted black gloss to match the color of the PS4.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Brainstorming for this project included some sketches for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Because almost double the amount of people have the PS4, I chose to optimize my design for the PS4. Main functions of the design that were necessary to include were, a solid, covered place for the console, rests for the controllers, and space to hold multiple games.

Step 2: Taking Measurements

Next, I took measurements of the length, width, and height for the Playstation 4, controllers, and games. The detailed measurements are included in the picture attached to this step above.

Step 3: Planning Wood for Use

Next, I planned for the exact dimensions of wood pieces to use for the tower. The detailed dimensions for the wood pieces are included in the image above.

Step 4: Cuts (Bottom Piece)

I started with making the cuts for the bottom piece of the structure that the PS4 would rest on. The piece of wood had to be at least 1/2" to be a supportive base for the tower. I went with a 5/8" thick bottom piece. The length was 14" and the width was 17". To make the cuts I used a handheld scroll saw.

Step 5: Cuts (Supportive Side Panels)

Next, I made the cuts for the supportive side panels to cover the sides of the console and give a base for the higher structures. For the two side panels I used a hand saw to cut through both pieces of 1 1/2" thick wood. The length of the side panels were to match the length of the bottom piece at 14". The height of the side panels are 3 1/2" to allow plenty of room for access to the back of the PS4.

Step 6: Cuts (Top Piece)

Next, I started to make the cuts for the top piece that covers the top of the console and supports the structure that will hold the game shelf. The top piece is a total length of 14" to match the length of the bottom piece and the supportive side panels. The top piece will just rest on the supportive side panels. Although, at the ends of the top piece, centered with the 14" length will be two controller stands. The stands will be offset 3 3/4" from each end of the piece and will be 4" long to support just enough space for the controller to rest. The remaining amount of width for the stand is 6 1/2".

Step 7: Cuts (Supportive Side Panels for Shelf)

Next I made the cuts for the supportive side panels for the shelf that will hold the games on top of the tower. I made these cuts with a hand held scroll saw. The length of each of these is 6" long and 7" wide.

Step 8: Final Cut (Game Shelf)

The last cut I made was for the game shelf. The game shelf will go between the game shelf supportive side panels. The game shelf was cut with a hand held scroll saw. The game shelf is to be 7" long and 15" wide. The length matches the length of the supportive side panels. The width allows for there to be two games wide view above and below the shelf.

Step 9: Assembly 1

For the first part of the assembly I used all wood glue. I lied the bottom piece on a flat surface. Then I places glue on the bottom and top of the supportive side panels (console). Then I placed the supportive side panels (console) on length-wise on the bottom piece and then placed the top piece right on top of it to fit. After I made the placement I then put a bigger piece of heavy wood and 3, 5 pound weights to press the glue down to dry.

Step 10: Assembly 2

The second part of the assembly I took the two game shelf supportive side panels and placed wood glue along the bottom of each, width-wise. Then I placed the panels loosely centered on the top piece but leaving exactly 15" between each other. Let it dry.

Step 11: Final Assembly

The final assembly includes screwing the game shelf in between the game shelf supportive side panels. The game shelf will be screwed in directly from the outside of the supportive side panels into the thickness of the shelf. The shelf will rest halfway up the height of the panels so you can fit games below the shelf and on top of the shelf.

Step 12: Conclusion

After the assembly was completed, I tested the stability of the tower as a whole. Also I made sure that the Playstation 4 and its accessories would fit. I was pleased with the craftsmanship and amount of time it took to create.

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    6 years ago

    Ive a maogany tv video unit two shelves back board is cut out circle where wires go jst cut the circle square then fit air vents


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This turned out very nicely. Nothing beats a handcrafted piece of custom furniture!