Introduction: Playstation Gold Headset Repair


This will be a walk-through somewhat of my repair of the PS4 gold headset. These headset's are very prone to snapping at the headband. The headset I fixed was actually my buddies. Mine had previously broken the same way and after noticing a common issue I figured I'd do the best write up I could from the pictures I had. Sorry in advance for lack of pictures per step, but I will do my best to fill the gaps.


  • PS4 Gold Headset
  • Target $5 Headset
  • USB Cable

I tried finding a link for the headset but they're just in the dollar/cheap section at target. You also don't have to use these, it was just the ones my friend had gave me. Also I am not the originator of this repair, I was referred this repair due to a photo from a reddit post.

Step 1: Disassemble the Headsets

PS4 Gold

Key points:

  • Make sure to not damage the wiring or else you will need to repair like I had to.


  1. The side panels just pop off and will reveal the gears inside as shown in the pic. You can just cut all the plastic if you wish since you're going to be replacing the head band anyways. Just make sure to keep the whole ear part and wire complete.

Target/Other Headset

Key Points:

  • Don't damage band
  • Don't damage back side of earphones


  1. Pry earmuffs apart and remove completely
  2. Remove all wiring so that all you're left with is the back of the earmuffs and the band of headset.

Step 2: Soldering Your Wires

Key Points:

  • Remember when de-soldering the wires to keep track of which color was what.

  • If you damage the existing wire you can just take apart both earmuffs and use a usb wire like I did.
  • Do not pry earmuffs apart


  1. The earmuff part of each side twists off. Make sure you firmly grasp not only the foam part, but the plastic housing as well. I'm listing this step because I almost broke them by attempting to pry apart first.
  2. After taking one of the earmuffs apart you will see some screws that when removed show the guts of the earphone. Inside you will see the wiring that is going through the headband.

  3. De-solder your wires and if you tape them up with electrical tape it will help you send through new band.
  4. Easy trick is to leave the previous wire in the target headset and tape new wire to old and pull through.
  5. Once you have the new wiring through, you can re-solder your wires back to corresponding places.
  6. Re-assemble earmuff housing in prep for mounting

Step 3: Mount Your Finished Product Together

Key Points:

  • So to reiterate myself again....sorry for the lack of pictures
  • The mounting process wasn't that difficult, but you need to be careful
  • Do not use too long of screw or you will damage something
  • Make sure not to drill into something important


  1. OK so you're going to want to take the denim part off of the target headset. I'd call it the cap of the earphone.
  2. You'll have a decent amount of plastic to drill into but don't use too thick of screws(I had some small screw laying around that I used)
  3. After mounting the target band to the PS4 Gold's earmuffs, attach the denim caps and you will have the finished product.

Final regards:

I hope you are able to do the repair as I did. I am not the original creator of this repair, the friend whom I fixed these headphones for referred a post from reddit. I just did the write up because all the pics they had were of the finished product and nothing else.



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