Pleasing Paper Decorations

Introduction: Pleasing Paper Decorations


Today I will be showing you how to make accordion-style paper decorations for any occasion in four easy steps. These can be made in absolutely any color of the rainbow, but my favorite was red. You can hang them, pin them, or tie them to make the ultimate decoration! I especially recommend these pinwheel-like paper rounds for outdoor birthday parties and room decor. They are fun, easy to make, and very pleasing.


  • Paper (preferably thin paper)- Any color, as long as you have two or more of each. The bigger you go, the more you will need. I used three pieces of regular-sized paper to make one.
  • Tape , staples, or any kind of glue
  • Scissors
  • String (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Fold Your Paper

To begin, you will need to fold your paper like an accordion along the entire length. The width of your folds is entirely up to you, although it will change the look of your product slightly. Notice that I choose a fancier patterned paper in addition to my simple colors.

Note: I used a rectangular piece of paper for some. Squares work better (I only had to use two squares rather than multiple pieces/segments of rectangular paper). You can always cut the paper or use different sizes (remember to cut both identically). In fact, an array of shapes and sizes can look really nice!

Step 2: Fold Your Other Paper

Use the aforementioned steps to fold your other paper(s). It's a good idea to keep the thickness of the folds consistent with each paper.

Step 3: Tape/Glue/Stapel

Now that your paper is folded, you will need to scrunch it up to its folded width and glue, tape, or staple your paper in the middle of the "stack". You will want to make sure that your tape or glue covers as little horizontal area as possible, as it reduces gaps when the circle is finished. If you are stapling, remember to do so parallel to the width, not length, of the folded paper.

Do the same for your other paper.

Step 4: Shape Your Circle

At this point, you can complete your round paper decoration! Take the top and bottom of each side of the paper, and pull them toward each other. Then, adhere the two paper layers together on the top and bottom with glue, tape, or staples. Do the same for the other half. Then, adhere these outer folds together as well. This should create a nice circular shape. However, as I did, you may feel that you're using up too much paper. If so, feel free to do a half circle! I decided to add a ribbon in the center of mine as an extra touch. It also holds the middle together.

Step 5: Tada!

Done! Tada!

I hope you enjoyed making these easy rainbow decorations for any occasion! You can stick with one color, match the hue to the event (say... the Fourth of July), or just go full-out rainbow! The choice is yours!


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