Plectrum Necklace




Introduction: Plectrum Necklace

I am a music lover and a guitar player, so I felt a need to express my love for music in an everyday piece of clothing. I decided on creating a necklace with a guitar pick. Simple and beautiful.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Tools needed:

  • Pliers
  • Lighter
  • Pen / Sharpie
  • Wire
  • Sanding paper

Materials needed:

  • Thin rope / leather strip
  • Guitar pick
  • Jump ring
  • Lobster clasp (optional)
  • Thin wire (optional)

Step 2: Preparing You Pick

  1. Measure out the position for your hole in the pick (best place is on the top, in the middle).
  2. Take hold of your wire (which should be roughly the same thickness as your jump ring) with your pliers.
  3. Heat the wire with your lighter until it is really hot.
  4. Press the wire against the marked out spot and it should burn a hole straight through the plastic.
  5. Insert your jump ring and close it. See this link for help

Step 3: Finishing the Necklace

Put your rope / leather strap through the jump ring.

Now there are different ways of closing your necklace.

Method 1: Tying the ends of your necklace together. Note, this will require the material used to be long enough to fit around your head. This will create a low hanging pick.

Method 2: Lobster clasps. These are good for creating a necklace that does not hang very low and it only needs to be able to fit around your neck. They are however a nuisance to close by yourself.

Method 3: Wrapping a thin piece of wire around one end of the necklace and tying a slip knot on the other end. Make a small hook with the wire using pliers and simply clip it into the loop on the other end. Easy to clip in and easy to take off, but will be sturdy enough to not let it go loose on its own. It has the same pro's as method 2, but it is much better in my opinion. note the hook may need some sanding down where you cut it.

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