Introduction: Plexi Oreo Keychain

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There is a Flemish YouTube show called "Standaard Koekhandel" where comedian Lukas Lelie discusses the favourite cookie of fellow comedians. On the first showing of the new episodes I plan on giving Lukas this keychain which is the topside of an Oreo cookie with the text changed to his name.

Watch Standaard Koekhandel here!

For this you need:

  • A small sheet of 3mm Plexi or something equivalent
  • A design, which you can download here
  • A lasercutter

Here I used a laser cutter at my local fab lab. You can find one nearby at the fab lab map.

Step 1: Step 1: Design

I started with an existing drawing of the face of an Oreo cookie I found here:

With the help of Inkscape I then removed the text and added my own.

In this step you also need to set the lines you want to cut to red and the image you want to engrave to black. It's then exported to SVG again.

Step 2: Step 2: Cut, Clean and Put a Ring on It

Head over to your local Fab Lab like in the map above, and look for one with a laser cutter.

Instructions on how to cut are available on location, but a basic tutorial is available here.

After it came out of the cutter I clean the dust off with a cloth and a little water.

Now just add a ring and your Oreo Keychain is complete!