Plier Organizer for Drawer / Organizador De Pinzas




Introduction: Plier Organizer for Drawer / Organizador De Pinzas

Do you hate all those plier using a lots of drawers in your cabinet, me too.

This is very easy o build almost in 10 minutes just with your table saw an dour table saw sled

Acaso no odias todas esas pinzas ocupando varios cajones en tu gabinete de herramientas, Yo tambien

Este es un facil modo de maximizar el espacio y mantener todo ordenado los materiales probablemente los puedes obtener de sobrantes que tengas en tu taller

Step 1: Materials

Just a piece of scrap board 2 inch by 3/4 inch at the length of your drawer and a piece of fiberboard

Solo se necesita un pedazo de madera de 2 * 3/4 de pulgado del largo de tu gabinete y ujn pedazo de fibracel

Step 2: Cutting Pieces

Add groves every inch of your wood the blade is 1/8 inch kerf also the fiberboard son no math required for the notch

Corta cabales de 1/2 de profundidad cada pulgada ya que el fibracel es de 1/8 y probablemente el grueso de tu sierra sea de 1/8 tambien no hay necesidad de hacer matematicas para el canal

Step 3: Assembly

Just put with a rubber mallet thefiber board into the notches dont add glue so you can remove some if you need the space for bigger pliers or something else

Con un martillo de hule mete a presion los pedazos de fibracel en los canales no uses pegamento la presion es suficiente aparte los puedes retirar para meter pinzas mas grandes u otras cosas

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    5 years ago

    Going to build this this weekend! Most of my tool drawers are neat and organized, but pliers have proven too heavy to stay put when closing the drawer, this is perfect!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks it is a quick project about 15mins and maximize the space in the drawer, If you make it post a photo happy making


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Makes me Mexico does dimensional lumber come in inches like in USA - for example 2 x 3/4 inch? Or have you "translated" from cm? Another way to ask it...can you buy a "2 x 4" in Mexico, or is it in metric?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks .Even if our oficial meassure in Mexico its metric, everything you find in materials comes in inches . Dimensional lumber comes in inches 2x4 4x4 etc but they sell it to you in metric, Example tlumber yards sell you a 9cmx4cm lumber that its exactly the real meassure from a 2x4 just home depot sell it in inches and feet meassurements