Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0022




Introduction: Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0022

Another Dutch designed lamp. The goal was to keep-it-simple-and stupid (KISS principle).

Step 1: The Plan

See the drawing for the exact meassurements. I used 9x18mm FSC labeled wood.

Step 2: The Body

1. Saw three pieces 365mm long pieces of wood

2. Drill 5 'powercord holes'

Tip: place the piece of wood on a spare piece of wood to get clean holes

3. Make the H beam

Note: you can use normal woodglue. Use an extra piece of the same wood to centre the middle piece. You can wrap it in plastic or clear tape to prevent it from being glueded to the H beam as well.

4. Use grippers during the drying of the glue

5. Drill two 6mm holes on both sides of the H beam

Note: the holes need to be in the centre and 14mm away from the short side of the wood.

6. Insert the two 80mm long 6mm threaded ends in the holes

Step 3: The Legs and Feet

1. Saw two pieces of 150mm in length

2. Drill 6mm holes on BOTH sides of the two pieces

Note: the holes need to be in the centre and 14mm away from the short side of the wood.

3. Saw two pieces of 225mm in length

4. Drill 6mm holes on ONE side of the two pieces

Step 4: The Head

1. Saw of two pieces of 6mm threaded end in a length of 25mm

2. Insert the threaded ends in two 6mm bolts

3. Glue the two bolts symetrical on to the E27 fitting

Tip: use hot-glue to fixate the bolts during the drying procedure

4. Connect the powercable to the fitting

Step 5: The End

Assemble the 'limbs' and head on the body and hit the power! Use a dimmer for a friendly glow.

Warning: be safe and don't leave this DIY unattended.

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    6 years ago

    This is so cool, and I love the name ;). Nice work


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! Your have a luvely name as well.. ; )