Introduction: Plotting Temperature With Arduino Esplora and MakerPlot

This is a simple setup to show how sensors on the Arduino Esplora board can be plotted in MakerPlot

Step 1: Get the Esplora Board

The Arduino Esplora is available at most radio shack stores and costs around $60. It comes with a variety of sensors right on the board but right now we are interested in the temperature sensor. Make sure to install and familiarize yourself with the Esplora before moving forward.

Step 2: Download and Install MakerPlot

MakerPlot is software that allows plotting of signals from various sources generally microcontrollers. You can download the Free trial at:

Step 3: Get the Esplora Code

Connect the Esplora to your computer, Open the Arduino IDE with this code and download it to the Esplora.

Step 4: Start MakerPlot

Start MakerPlot and click on Run Basic Plot. This brings up a basic plot window.

Step 5: Set Baud and Com Port

Make sure you have the same com port and baud rate that the Esplora is connected to, it should be the same as the Arduino IDE.

Step 6: Run the Plot

Click on the connect icon and you should start seeing the temperature plotting in Degrees C and Degrees Fahrenheit. That's all there is to it.

Step 7:

Step 8: