Introduction: Plow Disk Wok.

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If you love outdoor cooking you'll want one of these plow disk woks. Easy to cook just about anything you could want,Fajitas, stir fry, burgers, steaks, eggs, breakfast burritos, etc.

Stores easily, and is easily portable.

Over all cost $8 to $45.

I hope you enjoy this plow disk wok or as I've heard called "Cowboy wok".

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

You'll need:

Plow disk
Scrap metal
Welder and accessories
Flap disk sander
Turkey fryer burner
Cooking oil

Step 2: Cut Scrap to Plug Whole.

Measure out your scrap and cut to plug whole in your plow disk.

Step 3: Weld in Plug.

Weld in your plug and fill whole.

Step 4: Ground Down Weld and Smooth.

Ground down your weld and smooth out as best possible. Yes I'm a horrible welder but, my junk flux core welder is part to blame. Do your best with what you got. Voids are okay as they'll fill with carbon when seasoning.

Step 5: Clean Up You Disk.

Using a flap disk sander cleanup your disk and remove rust. It's not necessary to sand down to bare metal only remove rust.

Step 6: Season Your New Wok.

Fire up your turkey fryer burner and place your new wok on to heat it and season. Cover in cooking oil and let it burn off.

Step 7: Ready Too Cook.

This wok will make amazing fajitas, tortillas, hamburgers and more. Breakfast burritos and pancakes are simple. My brother-in-law has loaded 8 dozen eggs into his for scouting breakfasts.

Great steak and anything else you could want to fix up.

If you can't find used disks they can be bought new from any farm supply store. Used should not be more than $8-$10, new will run you about $30-$45 dollars.

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