Introduction: Plum Dumplings

How to make plum dumplings?

Well to tell you the truth it's not easy because it takes a lot of work. If you are super fast you will need probable about 90 minutes before it starts to cool down so you can eat it.

Master for making plum dumplings is my mother in law. She make it super fast and super delicious! Tnx, mother in law!

I will describe step by step proccess for making plum dumplings. If you have any doubts, watch the video or write a comment below!

For plum dumpling you will need next ingredients:

  • potato
  • plums
  • vegetable oil
  • flavour
  • sugar
  • vanilla sugar
  • eggs
  • bread crums

So short idea is this : boiling in watter and frying in bread crumbs plums inside a potato flavour dough. Sounds easy to make? :)

Step 1: Mashed Potato

Make some mashed potato!

When potato is cooked, mashed it.

Wait for mashed potato to cool down until it's not hot. This is because you will put mixed eggs inside mashed potato.

For faster cooling process, transfer mashed potato in another bowl.

Step 2: Making a Potato Flavour Dough

Mashed potato need to cool down.

Mix two eggs in another bowl.

After mashed potato is cooled down, add mixed egs. Mix.

Add some flavour. Mix.

Keep adding flavour until dough is not sticking for your fingers.

It is wise to use your hands while making dough because this way it will be mixed better.

Step 3: Remove Wooden Core From Plums

Remove wooden core from plums. Don't separate plums is two pieces.

Step 4: Making Dumplings

So we finally got to the point where we actually are making dumplings!

Take small amount of dough and spread it a bit. Take one plum, roll it over in sugar and put it in centrar of dough.

Roll a dough with your hands until you create a small ball with plum inside!

Remember, it's very important that plum is sealed with dough.

This rolled ball with plum is dumpling.

Step 5: Boiling Dumplings

It's time to boil dumplings!

In a bigger pot put water and small amount of oil. Wait until water boils. Now it's time to put dumplings inside to boil.

Use spoon to put dumplings inside water. You should put as many dubplings so that they all are touching bottom of pot. So, no dumblings one of top of another.

Dumplings are boiled when they starting to float.

Take them out.

Step 6: Frying Time

After all dumplings are boiled it's time to fry them. Unfortunally, I don't have any pics of this step.

So, in frying pan put some oil and whey oil is hot put bread crumbs. Mix a bit.

Put few dumplings and fry it for one minute.

Step 7: Almost There....

When all work is done you will have something like this.... Dozen plum dumplings waiting to cool down a bit....

Seriously, wait for 30 minutes after frying. Why? Because plums inside dough can be very hot and can burn your tongue and mouth.

Step 8: Final Step!

In this step all you have to do in enjoy!

Bon apetit!

P.S If you have any problems or doubts when making this, leave a comment or just see video! TNX!