Introduction: Plum Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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So for this look I wanted to create a look that is perfect for any events or parties you may have coming up soon. Will be perfect for the Christmas season coming up. This is also really easy and anyone can do this :) hope you enjoy xx

Step 1:

First you are going to want to start off by applying a primers and then your foundation all over the face making sure it is blended and there are no lines are streaks.

Then going straight onto the eyes. You are going to want to do this as its a smokey dark eye and will be easier to fix any fall out from the shadow or any lines that may have gone too far.

So first taking a plum colour you are going to want to apply this all over the lid. Keep packing it on until you are happy with the colour.

Step 2:

Then you are going to want to take some tape and first apply this to the hand and then onto the eye. The reason for applying to your hand first is to take some of the stickiness away so its not going to be harsh on your eye.

Now the placement of the tape onto the eye is important. You are going to want to follower your lower lash line up into the brow with the straight line of the tape. This is going to help keep your eyes tidy and create a sharp edge.

Then with a black eye shadow you are gong to want to apply this to the corner of your eye and blend this out and into the crease of the eye. I then take a large fluffy brush and blend this out to make sure its blended and no harsh lines. I then go back and forth with the black and fluffy brush till I am happy with the look.

Step 3:

Then with some eyeliner I applied this to the top lash line and created a small wing as you already have the sharp line. I then take this into the waterline.

Step 4:

Then using your mascara you are going to want to apply this to the top and lower lashes. I then also apply some false lashes as I feel this just helps open the eyes and finish them off.

Step 5:

I then go ahead and do the rest of the face. So first applying my concealer I applied this to the under eye, forehead, chin and nose. I then go in with a beauty blender and blend this out.

Step 6:

Then using a contouring or bronzing powder I am just going to shape my face. This just help create natural shadows and make you face appear slimmer or even change the shape of your face to a one you find more appealing.

So for this I apply the powder to the hollows of my cheeks, jawline, sides of the nose and the forehead.

I go back in with my foundation brush and blend this all in together to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Step 7:

Then you are going to want to fill in your brows with whatever product you feel comfortable with. I then also take a small amount of concealer to the lower lne of the brow and blend it out with my finger. This helps just define the brows and makes them look a little more perfect.

The reason I do this is because on a night time makeup look I feel you can go a bit over the top with you makeup ad put more effort into it. This is totally optional.

Step 8:

Now that the face makeup is finished you can finish the eyes. So I take the same plum colour that I applied to the lids and apply this on the lower lash line.

Step 9:

Then finally you are going to want to apply a plum pink bold lip and this is complete.

I would love to know what you think about this and hope to hear from you soon :D xx