Introduction: Plum Spread/ Jam

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Plum is one of the most delicious and juicy fruit with incredibly rich nutrient profile. They are encompassed with numerous health promoting vitamins and minerals. Plum spread is one of the easiest way to introduce plums to children and even adults who do not like it. Plum spread or jam can be used in many breakfast recipes.

Step 1: Recipe


Plum concentrate – 1 cup / 200 ml

Castor Sugar – 1 cup

Salt, Cumin seeds powder, black pepper, rock salt – ¼ tsp each (As per taste)


For plum concentrate, boil plums with water and strain the concentrate. In a Kadai, add plum concentrate and sugar together and cook till the material thickens. Once the sauce is thick, add the spices and cook for another 5-10 min till it further gets thick as jam or spread. Serve on bread or like sauce