Introduction: Plywood Bowl (Chuckless)

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Last week I made a 4-jaw chuck for the lathe. But this week I ll just make a bowl. Chuckless! It's partly because I am not very happy with how well the chuck holds ( I need to remake the jaws out of some harder material) , but mainly its to prove a point. You don't need fancy tools, not even too many homemade ones to make something nice! And of course its about having fun on the lathe..

You'll need:

-A small piece of plywood (20 mm in my case)

-Some wood glue

-A lathe of any kind (You can check my homemade one here,and go make one for under 50 bucks..)

-A cheap plain chisel

-And one or two hours of your precious time!

Let's see the video and go make one for yourself!

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More coming up..

Thanks for wathcing. Helps a lot..

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