Introduction: Plywood Smartphone(iPhone6) TV + Back LED Light

Since people asked me to make an english version of ' I hereby upload a more detailed and English version of my project.

The idea behind this project is to combine "the old fashion way of watching tv" with new technology(iPhone). I made this project during a class named "making" this project is an initiative of Hogeschool Rotterdam in The Netherlands. The requirements for this project were to make an object that contains a hinge, a switch and we had to use three machines while producing our object. I used a lasercutter, a 3D printer and a soldering iron. Which in my case has resulted into a plywood smartphone TV, a led light will switch on when the iPhone is playing your favorite movie. My Instructable step by step explains how you can make your own smartphone TV!

What do I need to make my own plywood TV?

Adobe illustrator

Plywood 600x300 mm (3mm)
LED light
Pressure-operated switch
Battery dock
Two small hinges
Small set of files
Wood glue

3D printer
Soldering iron
Apple iPhone 6

Websites I used(optional): for electronics / for pre made 3D designs

Step 1: Lasercut the File in the Attachment

Lasercut the plywood, I used a Trotec Speedy 300 in Stadslab Rotterdam. (Stadslab Rotterdam website for location & available machines. You can check the website for your nearest Fablab)

Plywood 600x300 (3mm). Available at Fablab.

Instruction video stadslab Rotterdam (only available in Dutch).

Step 2: The Electronics

Solder the wires and resistor with the LED light and connect the two wires to the pressure-operated switch. The resistor is needed to prevent the light from breaking.

(Check picture in attachment, website for electronics

Step 3: Connect the Rest of the Electronics

Tip: First check if the electronics work on a breadboard before you start soldering.

Step 4: Are All the Components Available Before Assembling the Plywood TV?

Step 5: Connect LED-light on the Back of the TV.

File the hole at the back of the TV as big as needed and push the LED light through the hole.

Step 6: Assemble the Pressure-operated Switch.

I used some left over plywood to glue the pressure-operated switch onto the TV. Be creative and make your own construction!

Step 7: Assemble the Rest of the Plywood TV

You can use some wood glue for extra stability.

Step 8: The Hinges

Glue the two hinges on the corner of the TV so you can open the top.

I bought the hinges at the and I used strong glue to connect the hinges to the TV.

Step 9: The Result! Let Me Know What You Think About My Project in a Comment Below.

(optional) 3D print your personal brand
To give your tv a personal touch you can 3D print your personal brand. I used an "UP" 3D printer.

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