Plywood Table by Yourself

Introduction: Plywood Table by Yourself

Its very easy to make a plywood table by yourself. Just choose what size and shape you need. The dimensions are: height 750 mm, width 800 mm, length 1500 mm. This table will fit for a small room.

Step 1: Instruments

Instruments you'll need:

- Pywood sheets. It is better to use a thickness of more than 10 mm, for better stability and strength.

- Fastening angles of small size, for joining the sheets' corners.

- Self-tapping screws for wood, with a depth not more than thickness of the plywood sheet.

- Roulette of medium length, standard 3 -5 meters, for measuring length.

- Joiner's corner and a construction pencil for marking the cutting lines.

- Saw or electric jigsaw, for sawing material. If you use a jig saw, use a file for a clean straight cut.

Step 2: Assembling


First, we prepare two pieces of a sheet with dimensions of 1100x300x10 mm. These elements will strengthen the design in case if it swings. Next, prepare two legs 400x740x10 mm., which are attached to the previous sheets as shown in the picture. From above and from below fasten with metal angles. And the only thing left to install is the top cover of the table, the dimensions are 1500x800x10 mm. If desired, you can choose your own size, according to the dimensions of your room or any other needs.

The table from the plywood with your own hands is ready. As you can see nothing complicated, very simple and effective construction.

All the plywood sheets were odered from

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