Introduction: DIY Designer Plywood Swing

This is the plyswing .

In 6 easy steps i will show you how you can make your own one!

Step 1: Materials and Machines

Materials :

1 plywood +-1000x1000x18mm

2x180mm M10 threaded rods

4 lock nuts M10


20 washers inner diameter 10.5-11 mm

2 pieces of plastic 8mmx20x80

(rope 8-12 mm thickness):

2 pieces of rope

2 pieces:0.50 m

2 pieces : 3 m

1 piece : 5-6 m


Cnc 3 axis milling machine

optional belt sander


Step 2: Rope Adjustment

take the plastic

drill 4 holes (fraction bigger than the rope)

one hole at the top and 3 at the bottem

(optional)finish off with sanding


Step 3: Ropes

cut two pieces of rope each 50cm and make at each end a small knot (10mm hole)

tie the end the same way of the two ropes (2x3m)

put the smal rope trough the knot of the 3m rope do this 2 times

Feed the rope trough the holes like on the photo

feed the end trough the hole at the top and make a strong knot

for the long rope 6to5m make a knot that fits one of the carabine hooks

Step 4: Plywood

1)Make a drawing (i used autosketch 7.0)

(total width 40cm hight 15cm

put all dimensions needed on the drawing for easy machining

2)drill 2holes for every piece in the plywood at the same distance!!!(mine is 395mm)

3)next you bolt the piece op plywood on the milling table

program the machine and repeat this process 7 times

Step 5: Assembly

1)Assemble the pieces of plywood in to the threaded rods with the washers between and at the ends

(if the rods are to long cut them and make sure to leave a bolt on there for easy thightening later)

2)Optional sanding

Step 6: Setting Up and Using

Throw the long rope over to pull the end off the shorter pieces over

leave the rope connected to dismount later

adjust hight with the plastic adjuster

have fun

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