Introduction: Pneumatic Cannon

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If you are looking to have fun with your family then this projects is for you. want to launch a potatoe 100ft with just a puff of air thats your whole neighborhood  even your little brother can do it its one of the safest cannons you can build and it will only take you 30 minutes to put together, have fun and stay safe. 

Step 1: Tools and PVC

1 Saw
1 drill
1 bit
1 Sharpie
2 Cans pvc cement, one primer one glue
1-1/4" pvc pipe
1-1/4" end cap
1-1/4" ball valve
1 schrader valve

Step 2: Cut Your PVC

1.Measure your tube half way down take a sharpie and mark the spot.
2.Get your saw out and start cutting down the middle so you will have two halves

Step 3: Finshing Up

1.Take out your primer and coat the inside of one tube and the outside of the other tube then put the glue on
2.Now push your ball valve onto each side of the tube so the ball valve is the peanut butter and the two tubes are the bread.
3.Coat the end of the tube where you will put your end cap and push it on for 30 seconds same with the ball valve.
4.get the schrader valve and a drill you will be drilling a whole about the width of you schrader valve. So get the right bit, drill the whole close to the end cap, once you have drilled the hole insert the schrader valve from the inside make sure it is coated with super glue so it will have a tight seal.
5.Wait 24 hours for pvc cement to bond and your done try out your cannon.
Total Cost $10

Step 4: Finished

This is the finished product that i have created.

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