Introduction: Pocket Accessories Holder

Hello there,today i am presenting to you a pocket size accessories holder with an overall dimensions of (66 x 64.5 x 20mm) that can accomodate and support diferent things that can fit in its small space.Made entirely from a 3d printer with a PLA white filament.Currently my design can function as a USB wire holder,earphone holder,and other small accesories holder like USB drives,keys and coins.Also part of the design can function as a phone stand and sound amplifier.

Step 1: CAD Design

Here am going to explain an overview of the design i made and what i had considered while designing it.

First thing i had in mind when designing this was how to carry some acessories we use daily(i.e small electronics,coins) which have tendency of being lost or forgotten when taken out,so i made the part one of this design with small but enough space for those small acessories.

Second thing i had in mind was how i can intergrate my phone uses with this pocket holder (for this case i considered my iphone 6 or any other phone with maximum thickness of 7.5mm and speaker at the bottom),so then i came up with the second part of this design where it can be used as a phone stand and also sound amplifier.but without forgetting how this second part comes together with the first part,where for this case i made part one as a male part and part two as female part with some tolerance in between them.

Third thing i did was to test the second part with and iphone 6 model i had downloaded to see how the final product would look like and after i was satisfied i was ready to proceed to 3d printing them.


For this step am going to use my ANET A8 3D printer and cura for printing from the stl files i have produced from CAD models which can be imported directly into cura for further visualization and producing a G-CODE file to print with.also you can see from the image the overview of the 3d printing process,printer settings and the printing orientations i used and the final products.Also dont forget to remove supports on the parts.


Here i tested the part one and two on how they can accomodate the accessories and still fit together as it was designed and,also one can use it to hold other small stuff that can fit in there that i didnt show.

I cant wait to see some of these being made by others with some color variations and the accessories they managed to store in there.

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