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This Instructable is just a guideline. This is my day hike cookset, and it works well for its purpose. It will, with this one stove, at 5500 feet, boil 1 cup of water in 3 minutes. At the most, it will cost you 2-3$. Be safe with fire. Enjoy!

Step 1: Build Your Pot

The pot is 1 cup. This specific one is just a monster can cut down to 3 and 3/4 inches tall. It is as wide as a standard 12 oz soda can. The top lip is reinforced with the top ring from a can of food. You will just have to find a can with the same diameter as your pot. Stretch the top of the pot big enough to put the ring in. A lip/grab ring is made of 6 rubber bands. This is just so you won't burn your fingers when you take it off the fire.

Step 2: Stove

The stove is a high pressure 8 jet alcohol stove. It is made of a mini 2 oz axe can. After the can is completely empty, cut it in half. Remove all the insides, and drill out the top. (See picture) splay the open end of the top out, and crimp in the bottom. To force them together, I had to use a shop press. You could also use a vice.

Step 3: Accessories and Use.

A wind screen can just be made out of tin foil. Same as the priming pan. A lid can be made by cutting out a circle from a can just big enough to rest on the inside lip of the pot. To use, put a little HEET in the priming pan and fill up the stove with as much as a half an ounce. Light the priming pan, and your good to go.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have anymore detail about the stove, itself? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Yah, I'm going to replace these pictures with better ones, and possibly create a new Instructable. That should happen in the next week or so.