Introduction: Pocket Dive Tables

Ever had those big submersible dive tables from scuba class? They are a hassle to lug around on a dive, and they're very distracting too.

Here's an instructable on how to create dive tables small enough to fit your BC pocket. These could also be your backup reference in case of computer failure.

Cheap, easy to make, makes your dive safe.

*disclaimer: Seek proper scuba training before using any kind of dive table.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- Dive table
- Iron / Laminating machine
- Laminating sheets
- Cable Ties
- Hole puncher
- Computer/Scanner/Printer/Paper

Step 2: Scan(Search) & Print the Dive Table

Scan your dive table, resize it, and print it. If you don't have a copy, the net is a good place to search. The ideal size is 4x3 inches. (fits the pocket, while not sacrificing readability due to ultra-tiny fonts)

Step 3: Laminate the Printout

Put the new printout in the laminating sheet, and iron it out to seal the sheets shut. (I used a clothes iron because I don't have a laminating machine)

Cut away excess plastic.

Step 4: Optional Steps

You may punch a hole and string a cable tie to it so that you can secure the dive table.

Also, nobody's stopping you from attaching it to your dive slate. Here's a diy dive slate instructable I made a few years back.