Introduction: Pocket Emergency Infant Changing Kit

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If you have ever found yourself without a diaper bag when your little one has made an untimely deposit?

Ever want to leave the huge diaper bag home on those quick little trips?

Did the wife take the Toddler to the Market while you went to Home Depot with the little one?

Make up a couple of these convenient little kits, keep one in your glove box so you can just toss it in your pocket or purse when you run into the store, keep one in the stroller pouch, one on your laptop bag, one in your backpack... because you never know when a poop-splosion might happen.

  • 1 diaper (size 0&1 are pocket sized, if your little one isn't so little it's a purse size project)
  • 1 paper towel
  • 5 wipes
  • 1 sandwich size zipper lock baggie
  • 1 tube or sample of diaper cream or petroleum jelly
  • 1 rubber band
Assembling your kit:
  1. Open your box of wipes, take out 5 (In my house we rate baby poops on a quantity of wipes required scale, 1 is an easy one, and a 5 wiper may require a shower, so 5 wipes should cover worse case)  Fold your little stack of wipes in half and tuck in to the baggie, press out the air and seal.
  2. Fold your diaper cream to fit within the dimensions of the folded wipes if necessary.
  3. Fold your paper towel to a similar dimension also.
  4. Open up the diaper and tuck your supplies (bag of wipes, diaper cream and paper towel) into the crotch of the diaper.
  5. Fold the leg elastics around the supplies, fold the diaper along the original fold lines.  Roll the edges in and tightly roll the diaper around the changing supplies. Secure with rubber band.
Using your kit:
  1. When the dirty deed occurs find a nice quiet place to change baby.  Unwrap your kit, slipping the rubber band around your wrist.
  2. Use the paper towel as a changing pad to prevent spills, change diaper as normal, tucking the soiled diaper, wipes, diaper cream packaging and paper towel into the baggie for disposal.
  3. Now wrap up your now clean, happy baby and go back to your outing.
  4. See that rubber band on your wrist?  That is a little reminder... remember to make a new kit when you get home, you might need it.
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