Introduction: Pocket Hole Jig

This thing is very usefull when you working with wood. I was thinking about buying it, but only this piece of plastic cost about 50$ and whole concept cost about 100 - 150$ and I think it's pretty much for this. So I decided make my own.

Step 1: 3D Print

First download 3D model from this page: Page for download, or you can make your own ;) .

After printed, It is good to coat it with acetone to make it more solid and stronger.

Step 2: Materials

What you'll need:

  1. 3D printed model.
  2. Piece of aluminium profile or another base.
  3. Piece of "L" shaped metal sheet.
  4. Toggle Clamp (link)
  5. Pipe
  6. Nuts and bolts
  7. (Glue)

Step 3: Inserting Pipes

Because of the 3D printer are not too accuracy, the holes are little bit different. They are about 11 mm diameter.

After cut two pieces of pipes, warm it with blowtorches or gas cooker like me and insert it into plastic model.

The holes are little bit deformed from hot pipes, but It's only on the top and it doesn't matter.

Step 4: Grinding

After inserted pipes, you must to grind it to make it flat. I used abrasive disc on angle grinder, but you can also use saw or something else.

Step 5: Base

Add L metal sheet like support for jig hole.

Step 6: Toggle Clamp

Add toggle clamp against L shaped support, that attaching wood. Because I used this aluminium piece like base I can move this clamp according to thickness of drilled wood.

Step 7: Attaching Jig Hole to Base

This step is optional. I glued the pocket hole, exactly on L shaped support, with silicone glue. To hold it during glueing I used toggle clamp.

Step 8: Upgrade

I edited it and make it like this.

When pocket jig hole was completely down, there wasn't much space for drill bit. I edited also toggle clamp and put it little bit higher because wood had tendency leaning to clamp.

Step 9: How It Works

It works pretty well, one problem I have is my short drill bit :D But if i drill outset of hole, then I can easy drill it without pocket hole jig. But I will buy longer drill bit definitely.