Pocket Macgyver Kit

Introduction: Pocket Macgyver Kit

About: I like inventing, experimenting, rockets, film making, and more! I consider myself a teenaged genius. I feel that with enough time I could build anything.

As a long time fan of MacGyver, I found it fitting to create my own kit that would allow me to carry a few essential items that can be used in a variety of ways.  I decided to build this with just the stuff I have in my room.  You will be surprised be how many scenarios this little kit can assist you in getting out of, or into.

Step 1: Materials

What You Will Need:

4 Rubber Bands

 7 Paperclips

4 Index Cards

1 ½ Meters of Thin, Strong, Black Thread

Step 2: Assembly of the Kit

I first started by bending my index cards in half, then I applied my paperclips all the way across the cards.  I then wrapped my thread around a piece of cardboard to keep it from being tangled up.  After finishing this up I folded the card in half, then wrapping my rubber bands horizontally, vertically, horizontally, and vertically again.  You can easily add more paperclips, cards, rubber bands, or thread.  I always keep my Swiss army knife on me, when I am outside of school of course, so I have a lot covered with just the stuff in my pockets.

Step 3: Finished

This kit is extremely small, but is customizable, and versatile down to the very end.  I hope this kit can get you out of a jam if necessary.  Please leave a comment

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    mden breejen
    mden breejen

    7 years ago

    where is the ductape?

    Mythbuster Kid
    Mythbuster Kid

    Reply 7 years ago

    I tried to make this kit as "school friendly" as possible; some schools frown upon duct tape as it is seen as a weapon and a form of violent detainment. Strangely enough though, my school is o.k. with electrical tape, so I always carry around a roll with me, and it can be just as useful as duct tape.

    Chikpeas Brother
    Chikpeas Brother

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I used to carry electrical tape in favor of duck tape till I learned how to make pocket size rolls of it.