Introduction: Pocket Operator Lasercut Case

With hype for the upcoming new Pocket Operators PO-33 and PO-35 by Teenage Engineering I decided it was time to share my simple "case" that I made for my PO-20. It is really simple. So simple in fact that it is being held in place by press-fit around the components, making it easy to make dedicated cases for all your setups!

Should work for: PO-12, Po-14, PO-16, PO-20, PO-24, PO-28.

Just note!

Doesn't do: Make the pocket operator bomb-proof and indestructible.

Does do: Protect the buttons from being pressed when stored away in the pocket (no random chip-tune parties from the trousers) while also making it easier to handle in your hands.

What you need:

* 3mm material that can be cut by laser (preferably triplex)

* Lasercutter (and of course the software ;) )

Step 1: Get Your File!

So far I only designed a layout for the PO-20 Arcade that shows the chords below the buttons.

I highly encourage you making your own design! Everyone has different needs!

File 1: General case .ai

File 2: General case .pdf

File 3 PO-20 case with chords .ai

(The PO-32, PO-33 and PO-35 need a cut out for the mic. This file will be uploaded in the future!)

Step 2: Cut It!

Ok. Since every lasercutter is different I will do my best to explain what I recommend using as settings:

Red: Cut all the way through

Black: Fill etched (see note)

Blue: Line etched

I do recommend putting some painters tape over the surface before cutting to prevent the glue staining the surface.

Note: The black circles are more than just amazing modern design. They help you finding and pressing the buttons by tactile memory. I recommend etching a bit deeper than usual!

Step 3: Profit!

Carefully slide the cover over the screen and buttons, making sure nothing gets overly tight. If there is any complications let me know!


You got a protected pocket operator that won't start jamming during tests or presentations. Hope it helps you as much as it did help me. ;)

I would like to see your variations! Go crazy!