Introduction: Pocket PC (NoDisplayRequired)

Ever wanted to make a watch dogs 2 like pocket PC which you can take anywhere? If yes, then this is the perfect instructable for you. The PC runs a Linux based OS but you can pretty much use any ARM based OS you can also use windows 10. The total cost of the project is just ₹1000 or just 15usd. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Let’s Collect the Materials!

You would need a Raspberry Pi Zero W which you can get on amazon for just ₹950 also you would need an 8gb SD card, chances are there that it would be already at your home, but you can buy it at amazon too.

Step 2: Installing the OS

We are using Raspbian OS for this tutorial which is the official raspberry pi OS.
First, you need another computer and from there from any browser you can download the raspbian installer or NOOBS which makes the process a whole lot easier to do than manually install the OS.
Go to this link to download NOOBS :
After you go to that link click on any one of the two option you prefer, I personally prefer offline install. Click on the download zip button and the download should start.
You would now need an SD card reader and the SD card, we will also need an SD card formatter software which you can download from here:
After you have downloaded it from their website you can format your SD card
Now, we need to go to the noobs zip file we earlier downloaded, extract the zip file by right clicking on the noobs zip and selecting extract here.. option. Once, extracted select all the files in the folder and copy them.
Paste the copied files in the SD card, note that there should not be any folder enclosing the files.
Well done! You have setup the SD card and now you are ready to boot up your pi. If you did not u derstand a step then please write it in the comments or go to this link:

Step 3: Booting Up Your Raspberry Pi

Insert your SD card in the SD card slot underneath the piconnect your pi Goan external power source and connect it to an HDMI cable which should connect to a tv. Most modern TVs have an HDMI input.
Now power on the external power supply it should show a blinking red led light and should show raspberries on the tv screen.
After it a NOOBS setup screen will appear and it will ask you some things which you have to enter like wife Ethernet region etc. If you have downloaded the offline installer of NOOBS only raspbian will be included but if you want to in stall windows 10 you may have to download the network connection or online installer, but if you ask me, raspbian is the best for your pi. However, you need to select the OS to install in the pi, and so you have to check the box which shows raspbian and then you have to click on the install button at the top left corner of the dialog box. It will take some time and then will ask to reboot or will reboot by itself.

Step 4: Setting Up the Pi to Connect It to Your Phone

Amazed seeing your new PC? But it is not pocket sized, is it? You can’t take the whole tv in your pocket, for that a simple solution is make your phone the screen for your pi, of course there are other ways to make it pocket sized, one of the ways are to buy a small display which I have never tried because the screen costs more than your pi ! It costs at least ₹3000 and that’s not great ! So I found an easy way by which you can use your phone as a Mobile Phone and a PC.

So let’s set it up

Open up the terminal window in the pi and then, enter the following code

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install realvnc-vnc-server realvnc-vnc-viewer

Then you need to enable the VNC for that write the following code:

sudo raspi-config

Navigate to Interfacing Options.
Scroll down and select VNC > Yes.

Then connect your Pi to a wifi network and
Write the code


To know the IP address of your Pi, it would be a lot better to write down the address rather than remembering it.

One last thing which we need to do is connect your pi with the mobile hotspot of your Mobile Device you can do this normally just as you would connect to a WiFi.

Your Raspberry Pi is all set Congrats!

Step 5: Setting Up Your Mobile Device


Now, take your mobile (you can take your laptop if you like) and download the app realvnc viewer from google play store and install it on your mobile
Then enter you raspberry pi IP address which we noted down before. It will ask for your password and username from default the username is pi and the password is raspberry (of your raspberry pi if you haven’t changed it). Your raspy should be on when you enter your IP address . Now you should see your desktop of your pi on your mobile screen you can do all the work which you used to do on your pi (cool fact: you can also play: Minecraft).

Now the question is how would you connect to your pi when you are somewhere where Wi-Fi connections are not available? in that case you can buy a portable mobile hotspot which is an equivalent to Wi-Fi and use it. You can power on your raspberry pi with the help of a portable battery charger and also enable the VNC server to start on reboot.

Now you can attach the Raspberry pi with a portable battery and then keep it in your pocket, then you can connect the portable WiFi Hotspot to your Pi and use your mobile as a PC.


Step 6: Alternative of Portable WiFi Hotspot

Portable Hotspots are costly and will add ₹3000 to the project cost so an alternative is to use the personal hotspot of your Mobile Device as a WiFi once you enter your password for the personal hotspot then Pi will automatically connect to it.

Step 7: Please Vote for Me in the Pocket Sized Contest

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