Introduction: Pocket Power Bank

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it is a very useful experiment which can charge any device . I charged my samsung device with it many times . you can carry it anywhere you want . Its size is smaller than your hand . Make it and enjoy . Hope you will like it amd don't forget to follow me for upcoming crazy experiment . Stay tuned ......

Step 1: Material and Tools Required .

material :
*empty tic tak box
*9v battery
*9v battery clip
*370k ohm resistance
*7805 voltage regulator
*terminal block
*female usb port

tools :
*soldering iron
*hot glue
*screw driver

Step 2: Making Body

using soldering iron make a hole in bottom of the tic tak box through which the wires of 9v battery clip will pass . Using hot glue fix 9v battery clip in the bottom of tic tak box .

Step 3: Circuit

Now comes the main step of fixing the circuit . Take terminal block and put each pin of 7805 voltage regulator in each face . Now fix 370k ohm resistance in 1st and 2nd pin of 7805 voltage regulator from downwards. take negative wires ( black ) and screw them together with 2nd face downwards as shown in 4th pic . take positive wire ( red ) of 9v battery clip and screw it in first face downwards with ohm resistance . And positive wire ( red ) of female usb port in 3rd face downwards .Fix the female isb port in the cap so that when you open the cap of tic tak box you can pin your usb cable with power bank and your device . Thus the circuit is complete .

Step 4: Checking

I powered the circuit with 9v battery and used card reader to check wheather it works or not . If the light in card reader starts to glow then you can fix or put it into the box. The blinking of light indicates that the circuit is fine .

Step 5: Finishing

Take the complete circuit and carefully put it into the box . DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE BATTERY before doing this .After the circuit is fixed and closed use hot glue to close it completely . Before closing check the connection , because some times the voltage regulator gets unconnected . Yeh ,it is complete and now you can carry it anywhere in your pocket . STAY TUNED .....

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