Pocket Sandbox

Introduction: Pocket Sandbox

I came up with this pocket sandbox idea when I had a desire to make a sandcastle and mold some sand but didn't want to trek all the way to the beach to do so. I thought about how to carry around a small amount of sand without it being a big issue and found the solution in an Altoids tin.
It really is a lot of fun to have a sandbox to carry with me because I can break it out anytime I'm feeling creative or just want to smoosh some sand around.

There are three parts to making a successful pocket sandbox: the sand, the tin, and a storage compartment. I wanted sand that would hold it's shape well but I also wanted it to stay moist longer and not spill everywhere. I soon realized that if the sand had any moisture that there was a good chance that the tin would rust so I had to take care of that. The final thing I wanted was an area to store any of the sand tools I wanted to go with the pocket sandbox. Read through this Instructable to find out how to make your very own pocket sandbox. 

Step 1: The Sand

To make the sand you will need:
-a container to mix in
-measuring cup

Mix the sand, cornstarch, and water in a 4:2:1 ratio. I did 1 cup sand, 1/2 cup cornstarch, and 1/4 cup water. I poured the cornstarch over the sand then added water. Add the water slowly because you may not need it all. You're looking for a crumbly consistency so that the sand is moist enough to stick together well but dry enough that you don't see liquid pooling. 

Step 2:

The tin needs to be protected so it doesn't rust. I sprayed the bottom interior of the tin with some stuff called RustOleum. You'll want to do this outside because the fumes are strong. If you don't have anything like RustOleum, you could also try lining the bottom with plastic wrap. 

Step 3: Storage Pocket

Use some hot glue or other strong glue to attach a piece of fabric to be a storage pouch. I used the indentation as a guide then stuck the fabric on, folding the edges underneath. Be sure to leave the top open so that it makes a pocket. 

Step 4:

Add sand and you're done. Enjoy playing with your pocket sandbox! 

I used one of those small plastic spoons you get when testing ice cream flavors as a shovel for the sand but you could even make cute little molds out of clay or something if you're creative enough.

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