Introduction: Pocket Screwdriver

I'm not big on having things attached to my key chain, but I do like having a screwdriver readily accessible. One never knows when a screwdriver will be needed. And yes, I know a pocket screwdriver can be found anywhere; however, I wanted one that I could choose and change the tips at will. This pocket screwdriver has a magnetic bit holder, and can store 1 large or 2 small tips in the handle.

Step 1: Parts

This was made mostly out of lamp parts.

1 - magnetic screwdriver bit holder
1 - 1/4-28 screw
1 - lamp wire nipple
4 - couplings for lamp nipples
1 - decorative coupling for lamp nipple
1 - reducing bushing for decorative coupling
1 - reducing bushing (lamp nipple thread to 1/4-28 bolt thread)
1- cap for lamp nipple
1 - locktite
1 - tube of PC-11 epoxy

Drill press
3/8" tap and die
1/4-28 tap

Step 2: So It Begins

Thread the reducing bushing onto to large end of the decorative coupling Then thread the lamp nipple through the coupling leaving enough of the nipple protruding out of the one end to attach the cap. Use some locktite to keep the coupling and the bushing in place. Using a drill press drill a hole through the center of the decorative bushing . After the hole is drilled tap it with a 3/8-24 fine thread tap.

Step 3: Step 2

Run some locktite along the entire length of the lamp nipple.
Put the cap on the small end, and then thread the 4 coupling onto the long end of the lamp nipple. (Note that the last coupling extends past the length of the nipple.)

Step 4: Adding the Cover for the Bit Storage

Put some locktite one the 1/4-28" bolt and tread it into the small bushing. I had to tap the thread in the small bushing to 1/4-28. It was some unknown thread, but it was close enough to 1/4-28 that I didn't need to drill it. DO NOT put locktite on the small bushing. Thread the small bushing into the coupling that is sticking out past the lamp nipple. Now you have a cap for the bit in the storage area.

Step 5: The Magnetice Bit Holder

Cut the magnetic bit holder with a hacksaw. Then thread it with a 3/8-24 die.
put a hex bit in the end, and thread it into the the assembled handle. I used PC-11 epoxy on this part to hold it into place. After this is set in place and the epoxy has cured, file the top of the magnetice bit holder to match the contour of the decorative coupling.

Step 6: The Finished Product

I love this little screw driver. It fits perfectly in the little pocket above the normal pocket in my jeans.
As you can see the handle can store either 1 large hex bit or 2 small ones. I like variety so I only use the small bits. I keep 2 in the handle and 1 in the magnetic bit holder.

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Thank you!

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