Introduction: Pocket Scrolls

Ever get in tragic accident and wanted to write your last will? Ever wanted to leave a short, yet totally awesome note in someones jacket pocket for them to discover? Or have you ever wanted to brush up on your caligraphy while waiting at the doctors office?
With the pocket scrolls you can do all that and more! Plus, they look so cute when you pull them out of your pocket. Best of all, they're supper easy to make and relatively cheap.

Step 1: Materials

The only things you will need for this instructable is:
Any straight, round, tiny piece of wood (I used skewers)
Glue (Any kind, but preferably something strong)
Imagination (Hopefully I will be publishing instructable for pocket-sized imagination soon)

Step 2: First Step: Design

Before you even think of what you want your scroll to say, you must make it look fabulous first. And the best way to do that is with an awesome border on the edge of the paper. If your having trouble coming up with an idea for a border, or simply can't bring it to life then you should do what I did. All you have to do is look up guitar strap designs put it on a word processor. Make sure that there is two designs and that they are at lest an inch apart. Print it out and it should look like this.

P.S. FYI, I did multiple ones, just so you know.

Step 3: Second Step: Getting Ready

Cut out your designs from the paper so it's a long strip of paper with a boder on both sides. Also, you should go ahead and cut off a small piece of wood from your skewers. I suggest you do that after you have cut out the design, since the wood will have to be a little longer than the paper on both sides.

Step 4: Third Step: Putting It All Together

Now what were going to do is get the paper on the wood. I suggest to wrap one end of the paper arround the wood just so it gets the general shape. After that, go ahead and put glue on the end of the paper that you pre-curled and wrap it around the wood so that there is an even length of wood on both sides. There is likely to be a little mess left over, so go ahead and do some clean up, then let it dry.

Step 5: Final Step: Write

Now all you have to do is write to your hearts content, or at least until you run out of paper. There, your done! Easy, right? There are numerous uses for the scrolls such as:
Last will
Cheating on test
SOS message
Passing notes
Creating Ninjustu
Practice some pocket caligraphy
And many, many more

So have fun with your new, cute lil scrolls.
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