Introduction: Pocket Size Altoids Tin Survival Kit

This is What I take with me when I go hiking, camping.

I wanted to try and make my own and I found that these items are going to work for me! You should try making one too :)

Small Pouch- Keep altoids tin in this
Altoids tin - Keep most contents in this
Storm Proof Matches - Start a fire
Paper - Making notes
Foil Paper - Boil water with
Small BIC Lighter - Start a fire
Cotton Ball - Helps to start a fire
Water Purification Tablets
Pain meds - For Pain!
Fishing string - To catch a fish
Fishing Hooks w/  floats - Use with the fishing string
Safety Pins - Lost a button or use as a fishing hook
Signal Mirror - signal for help
First Aid items - For cuts, sunburn or bug repellent
Pencil - writing with
Coffee Filter - filter debris from water
Alcohol Prep Pads - for cleaning cuts or starting a fire
Duct Tape - attaching two items together or leaving a mark on a tree
Pocket Saw - cutting small branches for tinder and fire
Wire - Tying something together
Whistle - Make some noise
Magnifying Lens - Make fire

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