Introduction: Pocket Size Notebook With Pencil Holder

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Hi Friends !!!

Today I will share one of the very useful creation, which help to to note anything, email ID, phone number and to do list any time anywhere..

So, lets start,

Pocket Size Notebook With Pencil Holder

Step 1: Gather Materials:

  1. Designer zari border ( I use old one) / Any fabric can be use as per choice
  2. Elastic
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. cardboard
  5. scissors
  6. colour A4 size paper
  7. small used pencils ( these are leftover pencils around 5 to 6 cm, whick actually kids are refuse to use more )
  8. Plane Zari lace / Satin ribbon / any fabric to cover the end part
  9. Velco
  10. Acrylic colour and brush (this is optional)

Step 2: Making the Outer Cover

  • I cut the cardboard 20 cm by 7 cm
  • fold at 9 cm and 11 cm
  • cut the Zari lace 20 cm and paste it with help of glue gun.
  • Refer pictures.

Step 3: Making Pencil Holder

Cut two small Piece (3 to 4 cm ) of elastic.

Paste it in inner side with glue gun as shown.

Let it dry completely (its quick, but wait for a while).

Now our pencil holder made, we can keep two pencils for use.

Step 4: Colour the Inner Side

I use white acrylic colour, and flat brush to colour the inner cardboard.

Any colour can be use to decorate as per choice.

let it dry.

Step 5: Making Notebook Pages

I took A4 size three different colour paper to make pages.

  1. Fold the paper half in long edge direction
  2. again fold the paper half in long edge direction
  3. Fold again half in short edge direction

  4. repeat once more (fold half in short edge direction)
  5. Cut short edge folded part, and we will get paper around 10 cm x 7 cm. (refer picture)
  6. so,when we fold it in half, the actual size 5x7 cm for the pages of the notebook.
  7. take all the close end together, glue it, hold for a while to make the notebook.
  8. paste this note book, inside the cover (shown in figure)
  9. Or cur 5 cm by 7 cm paper pieces by making grid.

Step 6: Covering the End Part

I use around 9 cm two piece of plane zari lace, you can use satin ribbon or any fabric to cover two end parts.

Paste the lace / ribbon with glue.

Step 7: Next Velcro

Now, to close the notebook properly, I use one small piece of Velcro, paste it with hot glue as shown, so that it will not open automatically in front of every body ( we need privacy as well)

Step 8: Final Touch

Keep two small pencils for making notes inside the elastic ( it will hold pencils properly / tightly)

Overall size approx 9 cm length with 2 cm width.

Easy to keep inside the pocket. Looks pretty and really useful.

Step 9: Pocket Size Notebook With Pencil Holder DONE !!!

Pocket size Notebook with pencil holder DONE !!!

Now its ready to roam with me, and will give the emergency service when I need to note an email ID or phone number any time / any where ....

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See u Soon !!!!!

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