Pocket-Sized $5 Cannon in 5 Minutes!




Introduction: Pocket-Sized $5 Cannon in 5 Minutes!

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This is a pocket-sized version of my previous cannon! This cannon shoots carrots up to 50 feet! It is powered by isopropyl alcohol (my favorite) and is the coolest thing you will ever build! As awesome as it is, you must be careful with it! Do not shoot at people or animals! Have fun, but be safe. I'm not responsible for any injuries or damage.

Also, check out the bigger version of this cannon here:


Step 1: Materials.

Materials can vary based on what you have at home or what you can easily find. Use at least 1/2" diameter PVC pipe for the barrel. Cut a piece about 4" long and youre good to go. Next you need a 1/2" diameter PVC end cap. In the second picture, the end cap has already been placed on the barrel. Go ahead and do that now. Also, you need a barbecue lighter and and isopropyl alcohol. And some baby carrots... :)

Step 2: Drill

Find a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the barrel of your lighter. Mine was 3/8". Place the cannon on the ground so that the back of it is face up in the air and the barrel of the cannon is vertical. Drill straight down into the center of the end cap. Twirl the drill around to slowly widen the hole so that the barrel of the lighter fits snugly inside. 

Step 3: Creating Your Ammo!

Take a baby carrot that is wider than the inside diameter of your cannon's barrel. Shove it in so that it peels away excess carrot and fits tightly in the barrel. Make sure that the carrot is only about 1" into the barrel. 

Step 4: Fire!

Remove the carrot and pour about a teaspoon of isopropyl alcohol into the front of the barrel. Spin the cannon so that the isopropyl spreads along the entire inside of the barrel and end cap. Now return your carrot, I mean projectile :), to the barrel and insert the first 1/4" of the lighter into the hole you drilled in the end cap. Aim your cannon in a safe direction and click the lighter a few times til it fires! Congrats! You've just built a pocket cannon! Have fun with it, but please, be smart! :)

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    How do you know you are not a giant?

    P.S joking
    Okay real question
    how do you ignite the alcohol?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    LOL... Sorry, I should have gone into more detail on that. The hole you drilled in the end cap is so you can put the lighter into it. Once the tip of the lighter is in this hole about 1/4", click the lighter as you would trying to light it. Once the lighter ignites, it's flame will ignite the isopropyl.