Introduction: Pocket-Sized Altoids Tin First-Aid Kit

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After several incidents, I have found something that I think would be helpful for everybody even if they don't use it. Here is the First-Aid Kit.

Step 1: Supplies

What we are going to put into the First-Aid tin.

Step 2: The 3 Gauze Pads

Take the Gauze pads and follow the images steps.

This is the main component that mostly everything will be held in.

Step 3: Band-aids

Just placing them into the Gauze bundle.

Step 4: Alcohol Pads

Basic items for cleaning anything.

Step 5: Q-tips and Cotton Balls

Vacuumed Sealed to keep out dirt and moisture.

Step 6: Large Gauze Pad

The large pad is what the Bundle goes into before being inserted to the Tin.

Step 7: Inserting the Bundle Into Tin

Placing the Bundle into the Tin so that it locks the larger pad inside to stop it from coming apart.

Step 8: Waterproof Tape

This is an after step to put it in after the Bundle is already in the Tin.

Step 9: Knife and Closing It

Scissors, Knife, Fingernail File.

Step 10: Wrapping It With the Shoe String

The Shoe String is useful for not only holding the Tin shut, but also can be used as a Tourniquet in case of a severe accident. This is more of a personal step, you can wrap this with your favorite wrap design or just a simple one with a simple knot. 

Step 11: Finished!

Now you have a Pocket-Sized Altoids Tin First-Aid Kit!

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