Pocket Sized Disk Launcher

Introduction: Pocket Sized Disk Launcher

About: I am Nishant Chandna. I have started doing Instructables so that I could share my hobbies with the world. I hope you enjoy my projects.

It had been a long time for me trying to make a shooter, but today I got the Idea of making this Disk Launcher.

It works really well and looks awesome, you can make this by following very easy steps. I wish that you like it.

Step 1: Material

All you gonna need is

  1. A piece of cardboard
  2. Syringe
  3. Ruler
  4. Marker
  5. Popsicles
  6. P.V.A Glue
  7. Glue Gun
  8. Coloured sheets
  9. Scissors
  10. Cutter

Step 2: Cardboard Measuring

Now using the ruler and marker draw 2 pieces of 8x6cm. Now cut them using a knife or a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Marking of Popsicles

Now using the marker mark 2 parallel lines with an eight cm gap between them.

Step 4: Cut the Popsicles

Now using the scissors cut on the marks. Do the same with the other popsicle

Step 5: Paste the Popsicles

Now paste the popsicles on the cardboard using the glue gun.

Do the same on the parallel side

Step 6: Cutting the Syringe

Now using the knife cut the syringe into a tube, this will act as a storage unit for the disks

Step 7: Marking

Now take the second cardboard and mark the circumference of the syringe and cut it. And using the Glue gun paste the tube over it

Step 8:

Take two popsicles and cut them of equal length to use it to pull. Now cover it with a sheet of paper

Step 9: Join Both the Cardboards

Now take both the cardboards and join them end - end using glue gun

Step 10: Making the Grooves

Now make 2 grooves parallel the each other on any one end of the cardboard block to put the rubberbands in

Step 11: Blocker for the Puller

Now take the piece which was made to pull and mark its length and cut the popsicles. paste them on any one end. And make a groove on the same end

Step 12: Joining the Rubber Bands

Now through the grooves put two rubber bands and make them intersect on the puller groove as shown in the images above

Step 13: Decoration

Now using the paper decorate the it and the launcher is ready

Step 14: Now Its Launch Time

Now put any small Disk or coin and pull the puller and shoot

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