Pocket Sized Minion Bot

Introduction: Pocket Sized Minion Bot

>I made this birthday minion bot from the junk. This birthday Minion bot runs with flash light in its Eyes by singing with birthday song I made this for my friend birthday.you guys will also like this.

Step 1: Components

1. One DC motor
2. 9v battery and holder
3. icecream stick and toothpick
4. straw
5. lollypop stick
6.Two led 
7.1ohm resistor
8. birthday greeting card
9. hot glue gun
10. soldering

Step 2: Making Eyes and Legs

Solder the two led in series and connect a resister so that it won't burn as shown in figure.

Cut the ice cream stick for 2 cm 2pcs.take lollypop stick, bend it like knees and paste it with ice cream stick.

Cut small piece of straw and insert that in one end of lollypop stick in the way that stick and straw can rotate. Attach the toothpick near to the bend of stick. 

Step 3: Making Body

Place the eyes on top of the motor and glue it.

Attach the 2 legs on both sides of the shaft of the motor.

Cut the straw into 4 PCs (3 small piece and 1 big piece). Paste the straw on both sides of back side of motor and insert the toothpick of legs into it.

Paste remaining 2straw like Tshape and paste it below the motor.

Paste the birthday song from the greeting card under the motor as shown in figure.

Connect a switch at back side of motor.

Connect battery holder, led and birthday song module with switch.

Paste the battery on top of the bot.

That's it our birthday song bot is ready. Switch on and enjoy.

Thank you

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