Pocket-Sized Origami Box

Introduction: Pocket-Sized Origami Box

Pocket-Sized Origami Box!

If you're looking to make a 2" x 2" origami box, then this instructable is for you!

This box is great for holding a ring, storing a notepad, or hanging up on the wall as decoration!

Try it out for yourself and leave a comment if you made it!


1 piece of standard 8.5" x 11" paper

1 pair of scissors

1 piece of 2" x 2" x 0.5" styrofoam piece (optional)

1 ring (optional)

2 hands (obviously)

15 minutes of your time

Step 1: Trim the Paper

Take a standard 8.5" x 11" piece of paper (pic 1) and cut it down to a 6" x 6" square (pic 2). Be as precise a possible.

Step 2: Create a Crease

Take your square piece of paper (pic 1) and fold it in half upwards (pic 2). Then unfold it to create a crease across the center of the paper (pic 3). This crease should divide the paper into two equal parts. Make sure to be as precise as possible.

Step 3: Turn It Around and Make Another Crease

Turn your square to the right so that the crease divides the paper into a left half and a right half (pic 1). Fold the square in half upwards (pic 2) and unfold to create your second crease. Now your creases should divide your paper into four parts (pic 3). Be as precise a possible.

Step 4: Turn Over and Fold

Turn over your piece of paper (pic 1). Fold the bottom right corner so that it touches the center of the paper (pic 2). Rotate the paper and do the same for the other three corners. Your end result should look like pic 3. Be as precise a possible

Step 5: Create Two Folds

Fold the bottom edge of your square so that it lines up with the center of the paper (pic 1). Fold the top half downwards to meet the other edge of your fold (pic 2). Be as precise a possible.

Step 6: Unfold and Adjust

Unfold the two folds from the previous step (pic 1). Turn the paper to your right. At this step, there will be two triangles (one facing up and one facing down like in pic 1). Unfold the triangles and line them up in the center (pic 2). Be as precise a possible.

Step 7: Create Two Folds, Unfold, and Adjust

Fold the paper so that the top and the bottom edges meet in the middle (pic 1), exactly like Step 5. Unfold the top and the bottom (pic 2) and unfold the two triangles so that they line up with the center of the square (pic 3), exactly like Step 6. Be as precise a possible.

Step 8: Unfold

Unfold the left and right sides of the square so that it looks like this. Be as precise a possible.

Step 9: Lift Up the Edges

Left up the top edge so that it faces upward. Do the same with the bottom edge. (refer to pic above)

Step 10: Fold Inwards

Take the right side of your paper and fold it upwards (pic 1-2). Then, tuck in the piece of paper so that the rectangle part turns into the right side of the box and the triangle lies flat on the floor of the box (pic 3).

Step 11: Repeat

Repeat Step 10 with the left side of your box. When you finish this step, your box should look like pic 3.

Step 12: Cut a Piece of Styrofoam

Take a piece of styrofoam and cut it down to 2" x 2" x 0.5". Create a small hole in the middle of the styrofoam to hold the ring.

Step 13: Place the Styrofoam Inside the Box

Place the styrofoam piece inside your origami box. Stick the ring into the hole in the styrofoam

Step 14: Bask in the Glory of Your Pocket-Sized Origami Box!

That's it! You're done! If you made one for yourself, make sure to let me know!

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