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Introduction: Pocket Sized Protractor

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First, why would you want a pocket protractor?

Well for one, its a quick way to know how large an angle is and its a easy, maybe even fun, project!

What will you need for a pocket protractor?

Clear thin plastic

Hobby Knife


Step 1: Planning

First grab a piece of paper and credit/debit/gift card, we are going to use that as our guide

Using a pencil out line and then find the middle of one of the sides (Long side)

Step 2: Planning Part Two

Now take your protractor and line it up on the bottom middle.

Now make marks every 10º and 5º (If you feel confident you can even do every degree)

Then Connect the dot you made every _º to the middle

Step 3: Marking

Now get your plastic and tape your sketch to the back of it

Then using a hobby knife with a ruler, start scribing the lines on the paper onto the plastic, I used 1" lines for 10º and .5" lines for 5º

Your almost done!

Step 4: Now That You Have It Scribed, Its Time to Cut

Im using a Dremel for this but I suggest you use something that can get you straight cuts

I made sure to leave a little bit on the sides so I could sand it

Step 5: Done!!

Yea, thats it

Now one thing, if you own a CNC, I highly suggest you use it for this, and if you do please show us below.

Another thing, this was my 3rd try at making this, my first and second attempts used a circle design and was way to small to be accurate (See pics)

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    3 years ago

    This is a handy little pocket index!