Pocket Sized Speaker

Introduction: Pocket Sized Speaker

Carry It Anywhere you go! Music thats On The Go! Hello everyone in this instructable (which is my first one) I'm going to show you how I made this Pocket Sized Speaker.


A Speaker

A earphone jack

A battery ( I recommend use a rechargeable one)

A bc547 Transistor

A tiny piece of PCB

Step 1: Gather All Your Components

Gather all the components that I mentioned above....and almost forgot :) find a nice little container suitable to put your speaker into, in my case I used a slim nail box to put my speaker into, and also some wires. You will also need a soldering iron along with some flux and a glue gun. Alright now let's get to the next step.

Step 2: Wire It All Up!

Use the schematics above to wire it all up.

Note - There are a three pins at the bottom of the breadboard that are for the headphone jack connections.

Step 3: Finishing

Now take your container and customize it so the speaker can fit in! Paint it if you like and there you are! A Pocket Sized Speaker, built to hear music on the go!

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    Thanks for sharing : )


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    Thanks a lot, and please vote as i'm participating in the pocket sized competition :)