Introduction: Pocket-Sized Star Wars Emergency Ration Kit

Are you short on space in your X-Wing?  Are your Jedi Food Capsules insufficient for supplying nutrition?  It's always good to be prepared for those times when you find yourself in a galaxy far, far, away from your next meal.

This is a pocket sized version of Luke's Emergency Rations from Empire Strikes Back, just the size to hide in a Jedi belt pouch or in a flight suit pocket.  You could easily make a full size version by substituting a larger tin.

Step 1: Materials

- small, rectangular tin with a flat lid.  (I used an old-style Altoids tin.  The movie one looks like an old metal first aid kit.)
- white spray paint (or silver or blue)
- painter's tape (if you want to preserve any of the tin's original color)
- heavy clear plastic - I used part of a box from a model horse
- clear tape
- waxed paper
- scissors
- cutting board
- kitchen knife

The food can vary according to what you like, but this is what I used:
- Cherry Pie Larabar
- Chocolate Chunk granola bar
- Altoids
- Fruity Pebbles cereal

Step 2: Paint the Tin

Luke's kit in the movie appears to be blue on the bottom with a white or silver lid.  I kind of liked the look of the Altoids tin as it was though, so I taped off the blue and gold edge and spray painted over the writing with white.

I did not paint the inside of the tin, as I don't want paint on my food.  Let the paint dry overnight, remove the tape, and carefully wash the inside of the tin.  If you wish, you can add aurabesh writing or other decorations.  I didn't.

Step 3: Plastic Dividers

Take some stiff plastic (I used the box from a model horse) and cut one piece the length of the tin and one the width.  Both pieces should be as tall as the sides of the tin or slightly smaller.

Decide where you want the pieces to cross.  Cut a notch in both pieces halfway through.  Slip the two pieces together at the notches to make a cross.

A larger tin could be subdivided more, but for this one, four sections is enough.

Step 4: Assembly

Use clear tape to secure the dividers inside the tin.

Make liners for each section by cutting waxed paper into "t" shapes which will fold up into a cube with an open top.  Taping them into shape is not necessary, just slide them into the sections of the tin.  The liners are not strictly necessary, but they will help keep your tin clean and make removing sticky food easier.

Step 5: Food

Cut the granola bar into cubes, using your fingers to shape them a bit if necessary.  Cut the Larabar into rectangles.  Roll them between your hands to round them off into more cylindrical shapes.

The other food items I used were Altoids and Fruity Pebbles cereal.  Other good choices might be nuts, Tic-Tacs, cereals, candies, dried fruit, or other types of energy bars.  I wouldn't suggest storing this emergency ration kit for long periods of time, as it is not airtight, but any food that will last a few days is fine.

Step 6: Tell the Dark Side to Keep Its Cookies!

Fill your Emergency Ration Kit and you are ready to go!  And when the hunger strikes back, you can tell the Dark Side to keep its cookies.  You'll be prepared.

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