Introduction: Pocket Solar Arc Reactor

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This small solar light is portable and very lightweight which makes it a great source of light on the go, whether it be camping, at festivals or generally just when you need to light your way!
Styled on Tony Stark's Iron Man Arc Reactor you can even wear it on your chest!

Incased in 2 Pringles lids it's even waterproof!

Check out the video of it working...

Step 1: How It Works

The extremely lightweight solar cells charge a rechargeable coin battery and when you need to activate the light, just pop a small magnetic near by to activate the reed switch and turn on the LEDs

Step 2: Part List

Soldering Iron
x10 x10 white smt LEDs (XPCWHT-L1-0000-00C01)
Tinned copper wire
Insulated Wire
2032 rechargeable battery
battery holder
Schottky diode
x2 Powerfilm SP3-12 solar cells in series
Reed switch or normal switch
Electrical tape or Kapton tape
Arc holder, mine is a Pringles lid.

Step 3: The Circuit and Ring

Solder both solar cells in series and connect both negative and positive terminals to corresponding battery terminals.
Make sure you add the schottky diode between the positive solar connection and the positive terminal of the battery. This will stop any power going back to your cells from your battery.

Add your reed switch or any switch between a battery terminal and your LEDs. mine goes from positive to the positive LED ring.

Make a large Tinned copper ring and a smaller one to fit inside.
Solder all positives of the LEDs to one ring and all the negatives to the other.
Evenly space all the LEDs apart, you can mark the rings first with a sharpie.

Connect the positive ring with a short tinned copper wire to one end of the reed switch and the other negative ring to negative battery terminal. Or whatever way you have your switch placed in the circuit.

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