Introduction: Pocket Sonic Ruler

This a pocket sized Ultrasonic scale you could carry in your pocket and measure the length of object.

You could measure your height, furniture heights etc.,

I am writing this instructable on the assumption that you know how to install Arduino IDE and upload code to arduino uno using it.

So Lets get Started.

Components used:

Arduino Uno

TM1637 - 7 segment display

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic scale


Arduino power jack

9V battery and its connector

Step 1: Connections and Code

Ultrasonic has 4 pins: echo, trigger, vcc, gnd

Connect VCC to pin 8 of arduino

echo --> pin 7

trig --> pin 6

gnd --> ground of arduino

TM1637 display has 4 pins CLK, DIO , VCC, GND

CLK --> Pin 2 of arduino

DIO --> Pin 3 of arduino



Download the code from this link and copy-paste in Arduino IDE.

Download the code

Upload the code to Arduino Uno

Step 2: Put It in a Box

After all connection put them together in a box.

Take a pocket sized box and cut holes for ultrasonic sensor, switch and display.

Switch connection you could see from image.

You could add your own modifications.

Step 3: Product Images and Video

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